It’s more than a garden, it’s a place where your imagination can run free

“We’re all homemakers.”

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They tugged on the heartstrings of the nation with Mrs Higgins and her rickety old gate. Now Woodie’s DIY, Home and Garden are back with their summer 2021 TV ad New Best Friend and another wholesome reminder that we’re all homemakers. The ad, which airs from Sunday 25th April, introduces us to an imaginative little boy called Liam, who is showing someone around the garden – although we are not quite sure who he is chattering away to. As he meanders around outside his house, exploring the garden’s various nooks and crannies, it’s clear that the garden is at the centre of Liam’s everyday adventures.

Liam and his new companion embark on an epic expedition where they encounter toe-nipping crocodiles, jump over boiling hot lava on the trampoline and trek through a wild jungle of clothes drying on the line. Liam then comes to a stop next to his mum’s flower bed where she is gardening happily in the sunshine. He reveals who he has been showing around – he is dragging a cart behind him and in it sits a small potted plant. Liam gently picks up the little pansy – wide eyed and beaming, welcomes the little flower to its new home.

“These are all your new friends,” says Liam, as he takes the pansy out of its pot, and lovingly plants it in the flower bed, patting the soil carefully back into place. “You’re going to like this place… and you look great,” says the adorable young gardener to the pansy. “You’re my best friend,” he whispers.

Woodie’s New Best Friend ad campaign, filmed in Dublin and made in partnership with Irish based agency Rothco Accenture Interactive, is all about encouraging children and families to plant together – a hobby that will grow with them as they get older, becoming a skill they will have for life.

Meanwhile, Woodie’s Instagram @Woodies_Ireland will also have plenty of inspiration for budding gardeners young and old, with helpful and easy-to-follow advice from landscaper and gardening expert Brian Burke. As summer approaches, Woodie’s is on hand to make the back garden the place to be for all the family this year. Afterall, it’s more than a plant – it’s watching them blossom. 

Suzanne Quinn, Digital & Marketing Director at Woodie’s said: “Our homes and outdoor spaces continue to be hugely important, as much of what we do is still taking place here. We wanted to create a piece of film seen through the eyes of a child enjoying his garden, to show there are brighter days ahead with summer on its way. At Woodie’s we believe everyone can be a Homemaker, even as young as Liam with his New Best Friend the Pansy.”

Hilda Lyon, Head of Marketing at Woodie’s said: “At Woodie’s, we know that gardening is an incredibly mindful and relaxing past time and watching Liam and his mum spend time together in the garden reminds us that this is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all age groups. When children are encouraged to garden, they have the opportunity to develop a hobby that will grow and blossom with them.” 

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