A brand-new no-holds-barred political podcast series from Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates

Stay informed ahead of an impending general election – who is promising what, from housing to the cost-of-living, and who is leading the way for political change in 2024?

The battlelines are about to be drawn in Irish politics for 2024 with four potential elections next year, including a possible general election. Sinn Féin are determined to create a deeper candidate pool for themselves this time round, Fianna Fáil need to align on where their allegiance lies if a new coalition is formed, while Fine Gael have been in power in some shape or form for 12 years running – is it their turn to sit on the opposition bench? For Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates, it’s time to pay attention to Irish politics!

Their brand-new podcast Path to Power will siphon through the headlines and cut through the spin of Irish politics ahead of an impending election. Already a proven ratings hit from their time together hosting The Tonight Show, Matt and Ivan aim to arm the electorate with all they need – and want – to know the next time the country goes to the polls, from housing and the cost-of-living crisis to the probability of a border poll. Unafraid of ruffling feathers and offering uncompromised opinions, this is a podcast not only for the political nerds but the politically curious too – and for those who don’t yet have a clue.

Matt, ever the tenacious journalist, will sort the facts and the figures from the fudging, as Ivan brings the experience of contesting general elections himself and the belief you can’t take politics at face value. And while they take their topics very seriously, they don’t take themselves seriously so expect plenty of banter and bluster amidst the in-depth discussions and contributions from guests and experts from the political sphere!

As a new generation of under 40s demand radical change and move away from their parents’ parties, what will it mean for the property market, employer costs and capital taxation? Could we have the first female Taoiseach? Meanwhile, an empowered EU will be enforcing an incremental sustainability agenda with drastic consequences for agriculture, construction, transportation, energy and electricity. Throw in the upcoming UK and US elections in the same year, the stage is set for a monumental year in Irish politics – and Matt and Ivan will have plenty to say.

The podcast aims to not only contend with the mudslinging of social media, but the true trenches of political warfare: the constituency, looking at what is really going on within rural communities in Ireland when it comes to the big issues of health, housing, immigration and jobs. How important is personality versus the party? Who represents the workers? And is a Dublin-based government out of touch with voters outside of the capital?

Matt Cooper says:  “I wouldn’t exactly say that I missed working with Ivan but I did enjoy the work we did together on TV previously. And when I had this idea for a podcast I thought immediately of Ivan because while I don’t always often agree with him, I respect his point of view and the strength with which he delivers it. It will be different to what we did on television, when we were two co-presenters, because I’ll probably be asking more questions of him but I hope it’ll be as much fun for the listener as I think it will be for us.”

Ivan Yates says: “Irish politics is my Mastermind subject of choice – and I’m not afraid to say what I think. We aren’t trying to curry favour with anyone so our listeners know we will cut through the waffle and delve into what the politicians really mean as they gear up for what is set to be a seismic year in Irish politics. I’m looking forward to working with Matt again, we have a yin and yang approach to things as Matt sees the way the world should be, while I see the way the world is!”

Path to Power is an essential and timely addition to stay informed in the run up to a general election. A premium audio and video podcast series, each weekly episode will be available to listen to on all major audio platforms and to watch on YouTube.


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