Starring Mrs. Higgins and teenager Arron on Ebenezer Terrace

“Home is Everything. Make it Festive.”


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Meet Mrs. Higgins, the star of Woodie’s new Christmas TV ad, beaming into homes across the country from Sunday 15th November. Woodie’s biggest Christmas campaign to date has been inspired by the many selfless acts of kindness that have been so important this year. It has been an exceptional year where people stepped up and looked after one another. Woodie’s saw this in the extraordinary generosity from colleagues, customers and suppliers which helped them raise a record breaking €415,567 for four children’s charities this year with Woodie’s Heroes.

Mrs. Higgins was filmed on Ebenezer Terrace in Dublin 8 but this Christmas, there is nothing Scrooge-like or cold-hearted about the residents of the street. Mrs. Higgins is the matriarch of her community, cherished by her neighbours and known for her creaky front gate falling off at the hinge. An unexpected character decides to do something special for Mrs. Higgins. Teenager Arron fixes Mrs. Higgin’s tired gate, an act that reflects the true spirit of Christmas and looking out for one another. At the heart of this ad is a beautiful demonstration of Woodie’s core belief that we’re all homemakers, no matter who you are or where you live.

Mrs. Higgins represents a cherished and important character, familiar to every community in Ireland. In this Woodie’s ad she is Mrs. Higgins, but it could just as easily be Mr. Higgins. The character is a trusted and much-loved pillar of the community. The kindness from her young neighbour mirrors the countless thoughtful gestures made by people in extraordinary times this year, those who were a friendly face or a helpful hand in their community when it was needed most.

This is Woodie’s most ambitious Christmas campaign yet and one they hope will not only reflect the goodwill shown by so many this year but also the importance our homes play in our lives today. This Irish made ad was filmed over two days on the aptly named Ebenezer Terrace in Dublin. Woodie’s partnered with Irish based agencies Rothco Accenture Interactive and Mindshare and Irish production company Butter to bring this heart-warming story to life.

Suzanne Quinn Marketing & Digital Director at Woodie’s said: “We have seen first-hand how the small acts of homemaking have become a part of everyone’s lives, more so now than ever. ‘Mrs Higgins’ celebrates these acts of kindness happening across Ireland and the immense sense of community – Team Woodie’s feel privileged to be able to play a small part in helping make that happen.”

Hilda Lyon, Head of Marketing at Woodie’s said: “We wanted to produce a Christmas Campaign that told a story that was relevant to our customers and their lives. Christmas is a time for reflection, and we wanted to reflect on the good that has come from this past year, a year where we all did our best to look after one another.”

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