Available in Woodie’s stores nationwide and online at Woodies.ie

Trend Edit by Woodie’s is a brand-new collection curated by Woodie’s designers, of carefully designed and specially selected products which work together to achieve the most up to date looks for your home. Whether you are renting an apartment and want to put your own stamp on things, if you’ve bought your first house and are working with a blank canvas or are simply looking to freshen up your forever home, expect a wide range of pieces of all the latest trends for your home in one collection.

Available in Woodie’s stores nationwide and online on Woodies.ie, Trend Edit by Woodie’s will have a selection of stylish homeware pieces as well as a paint range, produced in a superior quality washable matte, so customers can team the perfect colour with a piece of wall art, rug or mirror for an effortlessly co-ordinated space. The collection will also include lighting, cushions, throws, tableware, furniture, storage solutions, candle holders and lanterns plus artificial greenery.

“I like to think of the items in our new Trend Edit by Woodie’s as the personality of a room; it’s what you add to the space that can bring it right up to speed. It’s also important to consider how you use a room, so if you like to cosy up in an armchair to read a book, add a directional floor lamp for light and a side table to pop your cuppa on. For a cohesive look, pick a hero colour from your art or cushions and replicate with some other accessories,” explains Woodie’s Homewares Manager and Interiors Expert Bronagh Page.

If you’re unsure of the best way to soften an uninviting hallway or how to bring some drama to your living area, the Trend Edit by Woodie’s brochure is full of helpful suggestions to guide you on how to create a harmonious and homely environment with plenty of personality. Meanwhile, check out Bronagh’s top tips below for adopting this year’s interior trends by choosing pieces from the Trend Edit by Woodie’s.

Bronagh shares her expert advice for the top trends for 2022

Natural: The trend for natural materials isn’t going anywhere just yet, like the trend for plants and greenery in our homes. We want to bring in more natural materials to connect with nature and balance out the heavy reliance on the digital world – it’s all part of the same movement. These materials help us create a more holistic and calming environment which in turn improves our well-being, so we’ve incorporated rattan, bamboo, seagrass, jute and wood across our furniture, storage, lighting and textiles in the Trend Edit by Woodie’s range.

Cosy Up: Grey has been dominating Irish households for some time now, but 2022 is the year people are looking to bring more warmth into their home through stylish and sophisticated palettes. This is done with the use of warmer whites from our paint range and teaming warmer metals like brass in lighting, decorative items and even furniture. Textures are key to achieving a cosier look too, and so the Woodie’s hand-woven cushion range is the perfect accompaniment, as are the warm tones of our basket ware.

Curves: In design, a curved form is subconsciously read as safe, friendly and welcoming. They soften the hard lines of walls and furniture. They also appear more playful and are generally more impactful in a room of squares and straight lines. They work well in various areas of interiors like furniture, lighting and mirrors. We have embraced these curves in our two new stylish brass side tables, through various spherical lighting options across brass and black metals and in our range of mirrors.

Seventies: As is always the case, the same trends repeat themselves, and this year a nod to the 70s is popping up again and again. Strong geometric prints, luxurious accents of velvet, brass and opaque glass are all key. Colour is a defining feature of the look too, with Ochre shades dominating our range in cushions and throws but also soft and subtle blushes in our new dining chairs, our new statement wall art and our blush shade of Trend Edit by Woodie’s paint.

Houseplants: Biophilic design has grown in popularity in recent years as our connection with exteriors intensified over lockdowns and as a result, the long-forgotten Areca palms and Monsteras plants of the 80s are back with a bang to bring the outside in. However, if you are not green fingered, our range of artificial greenery from the small to the tall is the ideal way to do this with minimum maintenance.

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