Survey reveals a majority of Irish people consider sustainability when choosing beauty products as eight in ten people have limited their use of single-use plastics in the last year

However, 41% still don’t think they have enough information on how to be sustainable

A new survey has found that almost three quarters of Irish people (72%) now consider sustainability a decision-making factor when choosing beauty products. The survey* was completed by The Kind Brand Company, who are delighted to launch their brand-new Eco Refill Pouches, available in two of their customers’ favourite products, TanOrganic Light Bronze Oil and Medium Bronze Lotion, exclusively on

The Eco Refill Pouches are a sustainable alternative to restock your favourite tan that is easy to use, made with the exact same self-tanning formulas customers know and love – simply pour into your re-usable glass bottle and glow! And like all TanOrganic products, with the purchase of an Eco Refill Pouch, the Kind Brand Company will remove 1lb of ocean bound plastic from the environment. Each pouch is the equivalent of two bottles of tan. With an 88% customer return rate, this is also a cost saving option for fans of TanOrganic at just €44.99.

The Kind Brand Company’s survey also found that eight in ten of us have limited our use of single-use plastics in the last year, while 41% – over two in five people – will return packaging to a brand to be recycled and 82% are actively trying to be more sustainable in their day to day lives. However, 40% of people still think being sustainable is too expensive and 41% don’t think they have enough information about how to be sustainable.

If you find yourself in that bracket and are unsure on how to get started, choosing to use The Kind Brand Company’s products such as the new TanOrganic Eco Refill Pouches can help you take those first steps to make more sustainable beauty choices, as well as being a sun safe tanning option – it’s a win, win!

Founder and CEO of the Kind Brand Company Noelle O’Connor said: “At the Kind Brand company, every step we take is designed to respect our people and our planet. As pioneers in beauty, we recognise the magnitude of the industry’s plastic problem and acknowledge our responsibility to clean up after ourselves and to make a significant impact on the planet and its people. We are aware of a growing desire among customers to reuse their glass bottle, so our new eco refill pouches are the perfect solution as they are fully recyclable and made from 93% less plastic than your average recyclable bottle.”

In addition to removing 1lb of ocean bound plastic from the environment for every bottle of tan bought, the Kind Brand Company also donate a percentage of every bottle purchased to fund the collection of low-value plastic waste from oceans and landfills. This impact project drives the collection and ethical disposal of low-value plastic in Goa, India, by employing and empowering waste pickers to tackle plastic waste.

This is a crucial income stream for waste pickers and their families in Goa so through this initiative, The Kind Brand Company is boosting these waste workers’ income by attaching value to hard-to-recycle plastics, while supporting experienced recycling social enterprises who holistically uplift ex-waste pickers through occupational safety, health insurance, and skills training. The Kind Brand Company are also actively working to eliminate all future use of plastics in all their products.

The Kind Brand Company began its journey in 2010 on Dragons’ Den, when CEO and creator Noelle O’Connor first brought TanOrganic to the public’s attention. Sustainable packing has always been a promise and a priority with TanOrganic. From the beginning, Noelle set out to produce high-end vegan and organic cosmetics that avoid using plastic to preserve the integrity of the products, instead using glass bottles and bamboo packaging as they’re 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Since the days of Dragons’ Den, Noelle’s company launched VeganTan in 2021. VeganTan was created to provide an affordable fake tan alternative to customers that is Vegan Society approved, made from sustainable packaging, and is better for their skin by being packed full of natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones, helping customers make a great choice, for their health and for the planet.

From day one, VeganTan has been Plastic Negative, as all products are packaged in reclaimed plastic from the ocean and sugar polymer. By 2023, VeganTan wants to be the leading, sustainable affordable fake tan brand in the world.

The Kind Brand Company is also completely unaffected by the new EU directive which means the amount of DHA in fake tan is restricted to a maximum of 10%, having always had between 4 -10% in all core line products. From its inception, TanOrganic and VeganTan have used a DHA derived from organic sugar beet called Vegetan™, the only DHA certified to be used in certified organic formulae and to get COSMOS Ecocert certification.

Check out, and for more or head to Instagram to follow @tanorganicofficial and @vegantanofficial.

Notes to Editors:

*National survey taken by The Kind Brand Company on 2nd March 2022, sample size: 400, representative of target market with a confidence level of +95%.

Product details for Eco Refill Pouches

Light Bronze Oil:

The TanOrganic Self-Tan Oil is a revolutionary world-first tan product.

It is officially eco-certified, certified Vegan, certified Cruelty-Free, and it has a perfect ethical accreditation score. It provides a completely natural and organic way to tan safely. Not only is it good for you; it is a trusted and well-reviewed product providing you with a quick, hydrating and mess-free tanning routine. 

It gives you a natural-looking, radiant glow that takes away the pale shimmer. It is packed with ingredients like aloe vera which ensures a perfect fade without any patchiness. Feel free to jump into white sheets and clothing as there is no transfer and don’t worry because there is no fake tan smell either. Your skin will be an ultra-moisturised glittering chestnut colour and you’ll be pronouncing your beauty day and night.

Medium Bronze Lotion Details:

The TanOrganic Self-Tan Lotion has an on-going legacy and proves to be revolutionary. It was the first product from the TanOrganic range to hit the market and remains a top-seller today. It is eco-certified and certified cruelty-free.

The lotion consists of 84% aloe vera which ensures your skin is left hydrated and moisturised. The product is organic and natural and promises a non-problem tan; meaning no smell, no transfer, and no dry or flaking skin – the only finish is a bronzed, even fade look. This tan is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin like eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis. Safely used and preferred among pregnant women.

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